Armor Hero: Emperor


Armor Hero: Emperor  is a Chinese tokusatsu movie. Based on the first Armor Hero TV series.

Emperor Li Ziyang/Jake – Based on the ancient Chinese emperors. He represents all Five Elements and the sun. Played by Tang Yuzhe.

armor hero emperor

Armor Hero: Emperor

Dragon-Man Xin Nan/Eric Li – Based on the Chinese dragon. He represents the Fire Element and the South (南方属火). Played by Wu Jianfei (吴建飞). His English name is a pun on Erik the Red with the color of his armor.

armor hero emperor 2

Armor Hero: Emperor – The Movie 2009

Eagle-Man Dong Shan/Sam (铠甲勇士风鹰侠 – 东杉) – Based on the eagle. He represents the Wood Element and the East (东方属木). Played by Guo Shuai (郭帅).

Meizhen/Liz – Dr.Jialu’s younger sister, a young female scientist, and one of the “non-Armor” characters. She holds a close relationship with Dong Shan/Sam.

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