Chou Ninja Tai Inazuma-Spark (+Bonus)

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Chō Ninja Tai Inazuma!! SPARK is the sequel to Chō Ninja Tai Inazuma!. A year after the prequel’s events, Jun is now producing a sequel to her original show and has the daughter of Magical TV’s president as her female lead. However, Tsubame is unable to keep herself from helping those she feels are in need, and she is accidentally sent to the Edo period where she tries to befriend a ronin shinobi. Hosomatsu and Kankichi are trying to find out who is killing all of daimyo, but Kaguya is traveling with Tojiro, so they are down one member as Inazuma.

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Chō Ninja Tai Inazuma!! SPARK

Tsubame tries to get Hayate to smile, but she learns of the loss of his sister and how he is determined to seek suicidal revenge. When Jun finally finds Tsubame in the past using the original defective time teleporter, Tsubame realizes she must stay to save Hayate, sends Jun back to be deliberately struck by the legendary lightning herself. She then fights the two aliens who had behind the attacks as the newest Inazuma and to save Raiden and Senden who had been trapped.

Cho Ninjatai Inazuma Spark

Chō Ninja Tai Inazuma!! SPARK

In this new cast, from past Super Sentai incarnations came two actors from GoGo Sentai Boukenger (Mitsuomi Takahashi, who played Hayate, also played Akashi/BoukenRed; and Mami Yamasaki, who played Tsubame/Hien, played Kaze no Shizuka), while Ayumi Beppu, who played Ayumiko and Hayabusa, also played Houka/MagiPink in Mahou Sentai Magiranger.


Chō Ninja Tai Inazuma!! SPARK

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