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Heisei Ultra Seven  is a Japanese tokusatsu series. The 1994 editions wre broadcast on Nippon Television, while the rest were later released direct-to-video.

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Heisei Ultra Seven

The Heisei Ultra Seven series follows directly from the final episode of the original series, ignoring the M78/Showa continuity altogether and establishing Ultra Seven as the only Ultra being to have arrived on Earth in this universe.

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Heisei Ultra Seven

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Heisei Ultraseven (平成ウルトラセブン Heisei Urutorasebun) is a sequel to the 1967 series Ultraseven. The 1994 specials aired on Nippon Television, while the rest of the series was later released direct-to-video.

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Heisei Ultra Seven

The series acts as a direct sequel to the original series, ignoring the Land of Light continuity and establishing Ultraseven as the only Ultra to have travelled to Earth.

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Heisei Ultra Seven