Redman is a peace-loving warrior from Planet Red in the Red Nebula. He is the main protagonist of the Redman TV series and Redman comic book. While he fights for peace, Redman is known for his extremely straightforward-yet-brutal fighting style, and prefers defeating opponents rather than sparing them

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Redman’s history and backstory were not stated in his series itself, but magazines stated that Redman was an alien that came to Earth after invaders destroyed his home planet and merged with Officer Sakomizu of the SIA.

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Redman returns as the star of the comic penned by Matt Frank.

As a seeming sequel to the original series, Redman has continued his endless crusade to cull the seemingly infinite amount of monsters and aliens sent after him, having actually never set foot on Earth and instead has been on an unknown planet for the last 47 years. Throughout the comic, it seems the hero has finally started to question the purpose of his hunt.

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He finishes off some enemies in less brutal fashion or other cases like letting Alien Icarus escape and even sparring the normal Kanegon as it awaits death out of respect for its will to live. This is to the dismay of his mysterious watchers, the Cicada Humans who have been filming and broadcasting him for years. In response to his defiance of the routine, they send new enemies his way such as volcanic avian Birdon and hybrid beast Gesubira to force him back into it. As of volume 2, time will only tell if Redman can finally achieve a happy ending after all of these years.

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