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Tomica Kizuna Mode Combine Earth Granner is a Japanese anime television series produced and animated by OLM, Inc., based on the long running Tomica series of die-cast metal cars created by Takara Tomy and released for the franchise’s 50th anniversary. It is directed by Shinji Ushiro (Yo-kai Watch) and written by Yuka Yamada (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Asteroid in Love) with character designs done by Yuko Inoue. It began airing on all TXN stations in Japan on April 5, 2020.

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Tomica Kizuna Mode Combine Earth Granner

Raiga and Kuuga Kudou are twin brothers who like animals and sometimes help their mother in the zoo where she works. However one day, an alien gang known as Dark Spinner appeared on Earth, aiming to obtain the Earth Energy from the Earth’s rotation and started to wreak havoc on the planet by summoning huge monsters known as Spingers.


Tomica Kizuna Mode Combine Earth Granner

In the midst of chaos and the attack on their town, Raiga and Kuga heard voices calling to them, leading them to encounter the defense group Earth Granner. Raiga and Kuuga both became pilots of special machines called Gao Granners, and assume a secret identity. These machines can combine with sub-machines in order to become powerful super robots, as humanity’s trump card to protect the planet from the threat of Dark Spinner.

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Tomica Kizuna Mode Combine Earth Granner

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Tomica Kizuna Gattai Earth Granner (トミカ絆合体 アースグランナー Tomika Kizuna Gattai Āsu Guran’nā), also known as Tomica Kizuna Mode Combine Earth Granner in South-east Asian countries and Power Car Enginebot (파워 카 엔진 봇 Pawo Ka Enjin Bos) in Korea, is the second anime series of Tomica after Tomica Hyper Rescue: Drive Head. This series of Tomica does not have any connections to the previous Drive Head series, nor either of the Tomica Tokusatsu series. It was first broadcasted in Japan on April 5th, 2020 at 9:30 AM.

Tomica Kizuna Gattai

Tomica Kizuna Mode Combine Earth Granner

Earth Energy is a force generated naturally by the Earth’s rotation. A mysterious alien enemy from space known as “Dark Spinner” has invaded Earth in order to steal the Earth Energy and transform it into Dark Energy. The only ones who can stand up to stop them are twin brothers named Raiga and Kuga, who are fighting together with the earth defense team Earth Granner. But will they be able to protect the earth?


Tomica Kizuna Mode Combine Earth Granner

The anime was announced January 15, 2020, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Tomica. It was to debut on TV Tokyo rather than TBS, which aired Drive Head and other recent Takara Tomy works.[1]

A February 2020 livestream via Takara Tomy’s Twitter unveiled numerous toys, as well as a new trailer for the series. It was later scheduled to be exhibited at Anime Japan 2020’s “Family Anime Festa”, beginning March 21, 2020. However, this event was cancelled due to fears of Corona Virus spreading if many people were gathered in a large venue.

In March, Earth Granner received a promotional Youtube Series, Earth Granner Academy. Unlike the similar Drive Head News Channel, it was region-locked to Japan.

From March 23rd to 31st, the first three episodes of Earth Granner were streamed online by Takara Tomy, in one piece a day. The OP and ED animations were omitted from these episodes, and a large advertisement was displayed across the top of the screen.

Between July 22, 2020, and August 10, 2020, open auditions were held for voice actor positions in the Earth Granner anime. The awarded roles were unspecified, but people of any age or gender were invited to audition. Winners would be chosen August 29, 2020. Judges included series director Shinji Ushiro, sound director Yasunori Ebina, producers Takashi Inoue, Tomoyuki Saito, and Eiji Kaneoka, Shokchiku Performing Arts Academy director Takanori Kobayashi, and voice actress Keiko Han. In Episode 40, the three winners appeared in minor roles.

In November, 2020, a character popularity poll was held. Go Mach was voted as the most popular character. Later in November, a south-east Asian English dub of Earth Granner was revealed, under the title “Tomica Kizuna Mode Combine Earth Granner”. Episodes were streamed via Youtube. Names in the dub were not localized, and the OP and ED songs were left intact, but the dub did have mild censorship.

In January, 2021, a collaboration between Earth Granner and the show airing before it, Police x Senshi Lovepatrina was announced.