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Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga  is a 2016-2017 Japanese tokusatsu web series, serving as a spin-off/prequel of the 2016 Ultra Series series, Ultraman Orb. The series was exclusively released on Amazon Video in Japan starting from December 26, 2016 and is planned to be released in worldwide, with English and German subtitles available for international viewers.[1][2][3]

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Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga

Its main catchphrase is “In Prime, it’s Ultra.” (プライムで、ウルトラだ。, Puraimu de, Urutora da.).

Far in the distant planet O-50 (オーフィフティ, Ō Fifuti), two young elite warriors named Gai and Juggler reached the unexplored mountain peak called Warrior’s Top (戦士の頂, Senshi no Itadaki) and tried to achieve the power of light. The light chooses Gai and in turn bestowed him with the Orbcalibur to transform him into Ultraman Orb. Gai’s first mission as the giant of light began as both him and Juggler participated in a conflict between Royal Planet Kanon (王立惑星カノン, Ōritsu Wakusei Kanon) and Psychi, a scientist who plans to use the Kugutsu carried by Space Devil Bezelbs (宇宙悪魔 ベゼルブ, Uchū Akuma Bezerubu) to eliminate free will from the universe to create a new world under his regime.[6] Along the way, Gai met with Asuka/Ultraman Dyna and Musashi/Ultraman Cosmos, both are Ultra Warriors from another universe who also interfered the battle. After the Kanon queen Amate transform into the War God, she was quickly infected by the Bezelb and almost destroy the planet’s Tree of Life until the Ultras interfered and cured her. The death of Micott, a woman who admired Juggler for his swordsmanship caused the latter to acquire his transformation into his Demon Form (魔人態, Majin-tai) and slayed the Tree of Life after seeing it as the source of all conflict. His action of almost endangering Kanon forced him to be banished from the planet while at the same time denouncing his role as Gai’s supporter.

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Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga

Meanwhile on Earth, two scientists Shohei and Yui discovered the Tree of Life’s seed in an ancient temple 4,000 metres beneath Japan’s sea level. As a result of touching the seed, Shohei was evolved, being able to contact Amate by the time her planet was under Psychi’s invasion. The destruction of the Tree of Life caused said tree to grow on Earth as well, attracting Psychi’s attention to go to said planet. After the series entered its second phase, the “Earth Arc” (地球編, Chikyū-hen), Gai entered Earth under Amate’s orders to help Shohei protect the Tree of Life as he was joined by Gamu Takayama and Hiroya Fujimiya (both are protagonists of Ultraman Gaia) into the battle.[7][8] When the Earth soldiers commenced their attacks on the Tree of Life, Amate stepped in and establish a contact with the Queen Bezelb (クイーンベゼルブ, Kuīn Bezerubu) until said monster sprung her trap to infect the War God. By this point, the Queen show its true colors by abandoning Psychi and plans to spread the Kugutsu towards the universe, resulting all life forms robbed of their free will and civilizations perish. Juggler interferes the battle again and rescued Ultraman Orb/Gai from the effects of Kugutsu under his own proxy to surpass the giants of light.

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Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga

With the Queen perished by Juggler, Psychi made his final attempt by combining with her into Psyqueen (サイクイーン, Saikuīn) and tries to destroy the Tree of Life. Gai joins his predecessors in the final battle while Shohei and Yui’s will caused the Tree of Life’s fruits to mature, allowing them to purify the War God and other Kugutsu victims. With all plan fails, Psyqueen tries to combine with the War God but the five Ultras open fire on the monster while Orb saved Psychi from his death. After being congratulated by his seniors, Gai visited the O-50 again where he received another mission, along with a black coloration added to Ultraman Orb, finally becoming Orb Origin

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Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga

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Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA (ウルトラマンオーブ ジ・オリジン・サーガ Urutoraman Ōbu Ji Orijin Sāga) is a spin-off and prequel to the tokusatsu series Ultraman Orb that was released on Amazon Prime[1], and later released as DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, also distributed through Amazon[2].

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This series introduces the very first form of Ultraman Orb, Origin The First (オリジン・ザ・ファースト Orijin Za Fāsuto). It is Chapter 1 of the Ultraman Orb Chronicle.

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The story chronicles upon the past of Gai Kurenai and Jugglus Juggler, the original series’ main protagonist and antagonist, who were once heroes fighting on the side of light, facing Dr. Psychi and his army of Bezelbs

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Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga